Company Mission Statement
At Westbank Harvest, we come from a long line of agriculturists, who originally came to the Okanagan in 1909 and settled in East Kelowna.  After WWI in 1918, the family moved to the more central location of Westbank and opened a small fruitstand.  A few years ago, Farlie and I (Brante) started our own independent Since that time, we have continued to expand in various ways and in 2006, with a surplus of apples, we realized that it was a good idea to try using our excess fruit, and when we tasted the first batch of juice we immediately knew that this was a wonderful product that we wanted to share it with our community and countrymen.
The time and effort in producing good apples is compounded by an overwhelming tide of cheaply produced (as well as less tasty) apples from outside sources.  That is why we feel so strongly about keeping our community a proud grower of its own produce, and in creating our company name we wish to reflect on our local history and the invaluable resources here.