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The Marble Cherry, is a unique offshoot of the Lapin cherry, which appeared 5 years ago (2002) on a single branch of a (approximately) 10 year old Lapin tree.  By chance the cherry was noticed by a passerby and out of first curiosity and then with growing admiration for the new cherry, we began grafted it and then continued to in following years, we have approximately 30 trees now grafted, which we have confirmed Marble Cherries on, this Variety has remained stable for 5 Years.

Marble Cherry Characteristics:

Ripe Period - Same Time as Lapin.

Flavor - Sweet 'n Tart - Very Full Flavor

Appearance - Deep Red Blending into
Light Pink and Red, With Black Stripe.

Texture - Somewhat Firm, But Not Hard.

Highlights - Possibly Somewhat
Split Resistant, Beautiful and Unique.

Problems - Unknown

With the Exception of Mistakenly Taking the Inside Flesh as Unripe or Otherwise,  One Bite of This Cherry Makes it Immediately Apparent That it is Ripe, Full and Very Tasty...Try Some Yourself at the 2008 Cherry Fair  - Held in Kelowna, B.C. Canada.


July 21 2007 - The Marble Cherry was displayed at the 12th Annual Kelowna Cherry Fair and received a warm welcome.  The following day The Kelowna Daily Courier stated "...the hit of the fair was Marble." - said Reporter Steve MacNaull.  Also noted in the article